Why LIS?

Because we´re focused specialists

As we service both AIFs and UCITS, we recognize that alternative funds have very specific requirements compared to conventional funds and we cater to these specifics. We provide investment managers and fund initiators with solutions and frameworks to implement their investment ideas.

Because we´re experienced Professionals

We make a clear connection between our services and industry knowledge. Our 60 seasoned professionals bring along a broad and in-depth knowledge of the industries in which our clients operate and support our clients along the entire value chain: Investment Management, Risk Management, Valuation, Compliance, Administration and Distribution.

Because we´re client centered

Our business philosophy goes beyond “one size fits all”. Hence, we pay particular attention to understanding our clients’ business and responding to their requirements and objectives. We act as the central point of contact for our clients’ fund activities in Luxembourg and coordinate the fund´s daily affairs with its other service providers.

Because we´re independent

We are an independent third-party Management Company, which means we do not need to juggle between our own and our clients’ investment strategies and vehicles.

How we work

LIS Service-Model