Securitisation Solutions

Your partner for Securitisation Solutions


In increasingly regulated financial markets SECULUX S.A. offers you the opportunity to create a tailored instrument, which fits your needs efficiently. With a wide range of possibilities to create the financial instrument of choice, we enable asset managers to attract more investors in different jurisdictions and allow for a simplification of your reporting, consolidation and taxation questions.

SECULUX S.A. is an independent Luxembourg-based company which provides a full range of securitisation services in all aspects of compliance, substance and corporate services to professional and institutional investors.

Dedicated securitisation platform

SECULUX S.A. provides comprehensive support in establishing your own securitisation platform.

Rent a Compartment Solution

Our partner SECULUX S.A. offers a “Rent a Compartment Solution” for professional and institutional investors, latching onto a full range of securitisation services in all aspects of compliance, corporate infrastructure and administration services.

Advantages at a glance

  • Legal certainty (Securitisation under the Law of 2004) 
  • Securitisation of a wide range of assets: shares, loans, bonds, risks linked to debt, movable or immovable property and any activity that has a certain value or a future income
  • Client-specific setup of securitisation platform with separate compartments  
  • Separation of the securitised assets from any insolvency risk of the securitisation platform (bankruptcy remoteness/ring fencing)
  • Tax neutrality: Payments carried out on behalf of investors are fully tax deductible